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Blender: Companion cubes! by di-fw
Blender: Companion cubes!
So... I kinda put the 3D mais project on hiatus for the moment, since evidently working with smooth, curved objects like a mais is sooooooo much more complicated than square ones. That's why I decided to try and make a companion cube from Portal and Portal 2.

It took me most of 2 days (or was it 3? I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE!), but I believe I finally reached a result I can call decent enough. I wish I had planned this a little better so that I could have made the little pink streaks glow, but oh well. Maybe next time.

So I created one cube, it looked alright, then I tried again and it looked a little better but the painting didn't quite work on it, so I tried a third time and this is the result I got. I'm quite happy with it, to be honest. And of course, after I made one, I added several to try and make a nice little composition.

... but then I spent another day just to figure out how to work with the camera on this thing. I still have next to no idea how it works. I tried to get a nice little depth of field effect but it wouldn't work for anything, so I had to fake one using nodes, which I don't really understand, though I think I can get the hang of them better than the friggin' camera.

Yeah, it was probably 3 days. lol

Anyways, this is what I managed to get. I'm happy! Kind of. It could look better. But for a first attempt, I'd call that pretty good. :)
Blender Shenanigans by di-fw
Blender Shenanigans
A few years ago, a friend of mine told me about Blender and I wanted to try it out for myself so I downloaded it, spent about a week making a 3D TARDIS, then gave up when I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to paint it or add textures (I'm sure it was easier than I thought, I just couldn't figure it out, really), so I deleted the program and that was it.

And then last night, for some reason, I downloaded the program again and with the help of a couple of tutorials, started modelling a little 3D mais. ^^
I'm using Rubilight's mais template as a reference since it was a nice little profile view, but making a few minor changes here and there.

I don't really know where that's gonna go, but I'm kinda happy with the results so far!

Mais breed created by Rubilight
Hooman Iara =^_^= by di-fw
Hooman Iara =^_^=
So I'm still working on the Nina/Iara piece, but last night this particular art bug bit me and I couldn't stop!

I've often wondered what a human Iara would look like and I couldn't ever really get a clear picture in my head. But then last night I was thinking about that for some reason and realised that her personality is a bit like Harry Potter's Luna Lovegood, so I doodled a design inspired by Luna and I kinda liked it! Then I worked on it a bit more and thought I'd share with you all. ^^

As Nina and Kariki's little girl, she's got her mother's build and her papa's white hair. Oh and socks that don't match because... yeah, because Iara. Wink/Razz 

I hadn't done drawings of humans in a long, long... looooooooooooooooooong time. So... ummm... yeah. It doesn't look the best. I do like how her hair turned out, though. I'd never done hair like that in my life, but it was fun! I liked it. :)

I realise now that I forgot to do her mais tail... ummmm... Oops?

Mais breed created by Rubilight

Iara (c) di-fw & SuperSmashWolves 

done on iPad 4, using Procreate and Adonit Jot Touch
I'M BACK!!! (hopefully) by di-fw
I'M BACK!!! (hopefully)
ummmm... Hello, everyone.
Wow, this is weird. I feel like I haven't submitted anything in forever. Which is pretty much true. And I can't even explain why I haven't, really. It's just... stuff happened, I guess. I got a new job, which was great for a while, but then it started to become seriously not great, and it was sucking the life out of me for months which is why this art hiatus started anyway, but then I got fired (because I got the blame for something that wasn't my fault, but hey, I didn't even try to argue with them because I seriously wanted out of that place) and I haven't actually worked for months, which... would mean more time for art, but for some reason I didn't pick up my iPad or pen or pencil during that whole time.
I did desperately want to come back and do more art, and I felt awful for leaving the mais community without saying a word (sooo sorry, SuperSmashWolves, HaloSon and Rubilight in particular). I haven't even checked the art from the group in months and right now it says I have 2,755 new Deviations to check. So that should be interesting!

But before I do that, I did want to draw my two girls again, but since I don't know how long this will take me (mostly because I want to make this a good one and I haven't done this in so long I'm a bit rusty), I wanted to post this work in progress here to show that I AM indeed, actually, for realz working on mais art again.

I've no clue what happened in the group and with everyone else in all this time, so feel free to fill me in on anything importat! :)

Again, I'm so sorry for my absence. (and ScalpelUser, I am so, so sorry for not giving you any sort of reply! I said I'd help you and then I kind of left you hanging, I am so sorry! Please forgive me!)

Mais breed created by Rubilight

Iara (c) di-fw & SuperSmashWolves 

done on iPad 4, using Procreate and Adonit Jot Touch


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